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doctors warn about the appearance of lice

It has now been several years since this revolutionary technique appeared in France. Since then, many women swear by it. We are of course talking about eyelash extensions, a method allowing you to wear long, thick eyelashes without mascara, and this for several weeks. To do this, the beautician places an extension (mink, silk or synthetic) on each of our real eyelashes. And if this beauty technique is very widespread today, it is not without risk.

Doctors are now warning about eyelash lice. Bearing the name Demodex, these very small mites (less than 1mm long) are naturally present on the surface of our skin and particularly like to lodge in the hairs! These microscopic lice don’t really manage to accumulate in numbers in the eyelashes when we don’t have extensions. One of the reasons being that we think about cleaning our whole face well.

Extensions: do I have eyelash lice?

However, when we fall for eyelash extensions, we tend to fear of touching our eyelash extensions, at the risk of damaging them and seeing them fall. Error ! By forgetting to clean our eyelashes, we leave room for lice. In addition to not being hygienic, the presence of these mites in our eyelashes exposes us to redness, swelling and itching. It is this type of reaction that can alert you to the presence of Demodex.

As well, second reason : eyelash lice are transmitted very easily. Thus, you can catch them directly in the beauty salon via a towel, a tool or even a brush. So pay attention to where you choose to do your eyelash extensions.

Eyelash lice: how to remove them?

While some women tolerate eyelash extensions very well, others experience some complications. Allergies, infections… it is essential to take care of your eyelash extensions to avoid lice as much as possible and this kind of reaction

To clean your eyelashes in a simple and effective way, it is recommended to use a cleaning product specially designed to remove impurities from extensions. Dr. Sairah Malik recommends a solution based on an ingredient renowned for its antibacterial properties : “I recommend using a cleanser based ontea tree on a daily basis” he specified to ABC 7 News.

If you do not have this type of care, you can bet on a micellar water. Dip a cotton swab into the product and thoroughly clean the area of ​​the eyelashes. Then slide along the extensions. A new step to integrate into your skincare routine!

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