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Earth Day: the best eco-responsible products

Sustainable development: for more ecological consumption

Between the more than alarming last report of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the rise of fast fashion behemoths and the youth mobilizing in the streets for the climate, acting for a healthier planet becomes, in 2022, more than never essential. Because if the numbers on the global warming make you dizzy, it is now more than useful to ask the question: what future, and what planet, are we leaving to future generations? A breathable and healthy living space, or a polluted and toxic world in perdition? So many issues that encourage many brands to reduce their carbon impact, in particular by gradually replacing assembly line production with a more thoughtful curriculum and more responsible products. Whether in fashion, beauty or even in the world of decoration. A birthday planned? Want to have fun this year? Discover our slow recommendations to consume better, and act accordingly.

White & gold leather sneakers

White & gold leather sneakers


120 euros

Environment: clothes and accessories that are good for the planet

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world. In this vein, many ready-to-wear labels are mobilizing to change things now. This is the case of the French brand faguo which prefers to reduce its impact rather than to produce in abundance. A strategy that we understand through its many “green” sneakers, such as its CEIBA model and its recycled polyester lining from plastic bottles. It is also impossible to talk about responsible fashion without presenting marine greenhouse : winner of the LVMH prize in 2017, the fashion designer specializes in upcycled clothing, all in a style inspired by the postapocalyptic and science fiction universe. It is clear that other brands are also playing the game: transforming old into new, reducing production circuits, drastically limiting waste, choosing to use fewer raw materials…

Loose jeans with upcycled darts

Loose jeans with upcycled darts



Against global warming: what are the best slow beauty products?

Same thing on the side of beauty: we stop, we reflect and we commit. Because between toxic products for skin and polluting packaging, this industry also has every interest in finding more responsible solutions. Why, for example, not replace your usual deodorant with a natural balm like Palmarosa deodorant from Endro ? Handcrafted in Brittany, the 100% natural composition of this product is presented, moreover, in a reusable glass jar for an ultra-efficient zero plastic objective. In terms of make-up and skincare, the tempo is the same: good for you and for the planet, nourishing vegan mascara “ Beautiful Lash Mascara ” of Sephora : 96% of ingredients of natural origin, fibers of its brush 100% of vegetable origin and bottle composed of 70% recycled plastic.

Environmental protection: decoration is also eco-responsible

At the beginning of the month, the magazine DAZED wondered about the environmental impact of interior design. And for good reason: with its ultra-fast production, the decorative universe becomes just as dangerous for the preservation of biodiversity. So it’s best to look closely at the product label before buying. Fortunately, many brands are embarking on eco-responsible production and offer, among other things, products made from recycled materials. This is the case of recycled cotton throw spotted on La Redoute, perfect for a cozy interior in summer and winter. We also like the chic of eco-responsible living room rug in Highlands blue jute. Available in two sizes, it comes in natural fibers and has non-toxic dyes. A great way to enhance the look of our interior, while keeping a clear conscience.

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