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guest dresses that don’t keep you warm during the heat wave

Far from suspecting that ceremonies were going to take place during the sharp rise in temperatures in June, some guests are taken by surprise, having to give up the wedding outfit that they had promised each other.

Between the traditional women’s suits that cover too much to survive the heat waves, the jumpsuits that consist of trousers, and the thick dresses that don’t let the air through… Find a outfit for a wedding to take place under 35 or even 40 degrees, can become a complicated task. A clothing challenge yet simple to take up according to the fashion editorial staff, provided you know which clothes to turn to. And so as not to give up on dresses even in extreme heat, here are the 4 dress trends to which to succumb.

Summer dresses 2022: 4 dress trends that don’t keep you warm

If we have anything but the desire to sweat while the newlyweds say “yes” to each other and even once the festivities have started, let’s not draw a line under formal wedding attire. By deduction, the dresses. All in all, who says crushing heat, says avoid wearing dresses made of thick materials or tinted with colors as a pretext to attract heat. So, let’s learn to say no to dresses in dark colors such as black, navy blue, dark gray and brown, but also to their opposite of white, which is only reserved for the bride, unless the latter authorizes it.

What dresses to wear for a summer wedding?

To be faultless, let’s choose this selection of trendy wedding guest dressesand let’s take note of those that will allow us to weather the heat wave in style.

A cut-out dress

Perforated, cut out or “cut out”… Whatever we call it, this category of notched dresses is a perfect ally for a wedding guest who would like to be spared from hot flashes. Recognizable by one or more notches along the length of the legs or by a fabric ring called “ruched ring” which reveals part of the skin, the cut out dress tick all the boxes to win the fashion game.

A linen dress

With the reputation of keeping warm in winter and cool in summerlinen is a perfect natural vegetable material for a wedding guest outfit. Added to these good points, linen notably has the ability toabsorb up to 20% humidity. A fabric as trendy as it is breathable, which gives us good reasons to succumb to a linen dress for weddingeven under the effect of heat.

A crocheted dress

If crochet is generally associated with the beach wardrobe, it nevertheless gains credibility in the special wedding guest wardrobe. And it’s not the spring-summer 2022 fashion collections that will contradict us, since there are many knitted dresses that fit perfectly into the theme. Our ideal? A pastel green crochet maxi dress with a laced open back.

A ruffled dress

If the ruffled dress is the star of the Dior cruise 2023 collection, it is just as much for the ceremonies that will take place this summer. And for good reason, the ruffled cut of this trendy dress generally requires it to be fluid so as to let the body breathe.

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