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Hair removal powder, the new magic trick for less than €8 that fascinates TikTok

Summer is fast approaching, and we can’t wait for the temperatures to rise again so that we can finally bring out our most beautiful dresses. And if more and more women are choosing to give up waxing, others are more comfortable with their bodies when their legs are waxed. Moreover, if this is your case, you may already think you know everything about the different hair removal methods. Until now, it was always the same techniques that were available to you for very soft legs. Namely, the razor, the depilatory cream, the wax, the electric epilator, or more radically the laser or pulsed light.

Recently, it was on TikTok that we discovered a brand new method of hair removal. The American Alyssa Marie Gray shared on the social network her excellent find: a depilatory powder. But how can a powder come and remove our hair? To understand it, just watch the video of the young woman.

Depilatory powder: how to use it?

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The powder in question is found in a small cylindrical metal box, similar to a can, and it is offered by the Magic brand. It is not used as is. It is necessary to prepare it. For this, Alyssa mixes a few teaspoons of depilatory powder with a little water. The dosage must be adapted according to the area to be depilated. It just needs to form a paste whose texture should be neither too thick nor too runny. After obtaining this white mixture, it is possible to proceed with hair removal.

Alyssa then films herself spreading the white paste over all of her legs, directly using her hands. She waits 5 to 10 minutes for the product to dry completely. Then just slip into the shower to rinse off the powder, and the results is impressive. As Alyssa’s video shows, the skin is then devoid of all hair. Finally, for really soft and perfectly smooth skin, the American recommends exfoliating the legs just after waxing to remove all the small dead skin.

Our opinion on depilatory powder

Only small negative point that we could find in this method: the repels pretty quick! With depilatory powder, the hair bulb is not effectively removed. Only the hair on the surface of the skin is “nibbled” by the depilatory powder, as a depilatory cream would do. Finally, it is a method similar to the razor… the softness is more!

This method is for everyone. It is simply recommended to test it beforehand on a small area of ​​the skin to check that there are no allergic reactions. For sensitive skin, prefer the aloe vera and fragrance-free version which will be softer. Finally, be careful not to use depilatory powder on the whole body. Dermatologist and Tiktokeuse Dr Jennifer Lincoln does not recommend its application to the bikini line, for example.

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