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her incredible physical transformation without surgery

This Thursday, May 19, the festival-goers only had eyes for her. For her first climb of the steps since 2016, Julia Roberts had seen things big. At almost 55 years old, the actress, who had opted for a black tuxedo, was simply magnificent.

Known and recognized for her unparalleled smile, the unforgettable interpreter of Vivian Ward in the cult film Pretty Woman has nothing to envy to its young colleagues. But what is the secret of his eternal youth?

At almost 55, Julia Roberts says no to cosmetic surgery

against all odds, the Lancôme muse claims to be firmly opposed to cosmetic surgery. I think at this point in my life the biggest risk I’ve taken is not having a facelift. “, she confided in the columns of Now Magazine.

And ironically: Like the time I cut my hair. I never really imagined risk taking until every time I walked into a room people were screaming “.

“Women don’t even want to know what they would look like when they were old”

Refusing to be someone she is not “, the star prefers” age gracefully than to resort to interventions that would transform his face.

I find it really unfortunate to see that we live in a totally panicked and deformed society where women don’t even want to know what they would look like when they were old“, she whispered near She.

Anyway, I want to find out.she concluded. Besides, I want my children to know when I’m angry, when I’m happy and when I’m puzzled. “.

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