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Here are 5 reasons to stop throwing away your pasta cooking water

Do you have no remorse for throwing them away without asking yourself too many questions? Be aware that cooking water can be useful in many situations! And if the benefits of rice water are often praised, pasta water is often shunned… Wrongly?

Do you also just drain your cooked pasta in a colander over the sink? Do not let this cooking water run out! This is an all-too-common mistake… Get rid of your reflexes as soon as possible!

How to reuse your pasta cooking water?

And for good reason: pasta cooking water can be reused in different contexts! It’s simple: it is multifunctional and has many virtues which it is a pity to deprive yourself of… Here are five situations in which you can use it!

As a binder for sauces

In cooking, pasta cooking water embodies the perfect ingredient to bind a sauce without having to add any fat. If this is possible, it is thanks to the starch it contains!

In household product

The pasta cooking water can also be used for cleaning the house! And this, again thanks to the starch they release and which has important detergent properties. Perfect for unclogging stains, you can use this 100% natural solution for everything (or almost).

By weeding

In the garden too, pasta cooking water is useful! And for good reason, when it is salty, the latter is particularly effective as a natural weed killer. To use it, all you have to do is pour it over the weeds while still hot… Guaranteed results!

In hair care

Like rice cooking water, pasta water can be used for its beauty properties. By way of hair care, it has the art of working real little miracles… Once cooled, pour it on your hair before shampooing. It will make your hair soft and silky!

In a foot bath

You can also use the pasta cooking water to take care of your feet! To do this, you just have to let it cool down before transferring it to a basin and soaking your feet in it. You will thus benefit from a softening and relaxing effect!

You will have understood: here are five reasons to think twice before throwing away the cooking water for your pasta… And you, what will be your favorite use?

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