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Here are the 3 best shampoos for health, according to 60 million consumers

The New Year is often synonymous with changes and resolutions of all kinds for many French people. The goal ? Start the year off on the right foot. Among these changes, on the front line, are the hair changes.

Some adventurous people decide to operate radical transformations coloring their hair, getting rid of tens of centimeters in length; while others opt instead for small changes in their beauty routine to sport even more sublime hair than last year.

In this sense, they change the products used daily and replace them with other products of higher quality. The shampoos being the first products used to take care of their hair, they are the ones that are switched as a priority.

What are the best shampoos, according to the review 60 million consumers ?

Shampoo: the best references for hair, according to 60 million consumers

To establish its ranking, the journal analyzed nearly 12 shampoo references. At the end of this more than thorough analysis, 3 shampoos thus stood out. They are considered the gentlest and most respectful of health and the planet in the eyes of experts. Discover them

  • N ° 3 – Monoi shampoo and organic Macadamia oil, from the Energie Fruit brand

This shampoo opens the top 3 erected by 60 million consumers. The product promise: it is organic, sulfate-free, and moreover vegan. Experts explain: “This vegan shampoo, but without an organic label, announces 95% natural ingredients and 0% sulphates, these surfactants reputed to be aggressive and too degreasing for the skin and hair. In their place, there is a mild surfactant, sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate, at the beginning of the list of ingredients. Silicone-free, this shampoo is loaded with polyquaternium-10 at the end of the formula, antistatic, irritant and polluting.

  • N ° 2 – Gentle shampoo for normal hair with lime blossom and aloe vera, from the Monoprix Bio brand

This shampoo wins all the votes of the experts. But be careful because it is not 100% perfect either: it can indeed contain allergenic substances.

  • N ° 1 – The “Daily Care” organic shampoo with Aloe and Verbena, from the brand Logona

This shampoo, for daily use, is approved by experts and certified by a number of labels and charters which guarantee its quality (BDIH charter which certifies the presence of controlled natural cosmetics, NaTrue label etc.).

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