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here are the 3 cuts of jeans that will enhance your morphology

If there is one fashion piece that unites all individuals on Earth, it is none other than the Jeans. Comfortable, practical and resistant in all circumstances, this high denim pants is the star of the wardrobe. No matter our age, our morphology or our style, the Jeans is a real chameleon, which varies with the seasons. And while the modosphere was proclaiming the return of the split pant, the split-hem pant finally got its headliner stolen by three high- or low-waisted rivals.

What are the jeans trends of 2022?

The baggy

In 2022, the puffy shout victory. A comeback for these low-waisted jeans which owe their reminiscence to the reappropriation of the style of the 2000s. With retro accents without appearing to be so, the baggy is the added value to any current wardrobe. And it’s not the Scandinavian Emili Sindlev who will say the opposite, since she unsheathes before the hour, her low-waisted jeans picked from the Lioness locker room, the Australian brand that is talking about her.

straight jeans

Revival of the 1990s, the straight jeans takes over in 2022. A trendmode which is not without leaving marble the designers, but also the fashion experts who each appropriate their jeans right their way. The DNA of these pants? A flattering cut that embraces the curve of all silhouettes, and that elongates the legs thanks to its straight cut, fitted at the thighs, which flares out slightly on the fall.

Flared jeans

Alter ego of bootcut jeans, flare jeans confirm the return of the 1970s style. Between a vintage tapered cut, and lines fitted from the top of the thighs to the knees, then flared on the rest of the leg length, flare jeans are the ideal pants for women who want to rhyme trend, and enhancing.

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