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Here are the 3 trendiest bangs for spring 2022!

The beautiful days are coming and the spring-summer trends with them! If on the fashion side, inspirations are not lacking… the good news is that beauty is not left out either!

Hair: spring-summer 2022 trends

For several weeks now, the hair and make-up trends that will punctuate the coming months have been becoming clearer… To the delight of the beautystas !

It is clear that the Fashion Week is not there for nothing! In the streets as on the catwalks, there is no shortage of beauty inspirations.

And if a haircut has not gone unnoticed, it is the fringe! This season, everything leads us to believe that it is above all the long and mid-length cuts that it will sublimate.

Fringe: 3 fashionable variations

Long bangs, curtain bangs, rounded bangs, short bangs, tapered bangs… There are a thousand and one ways to wear bangs! It’s not always easy to make a decision when it’s time to cut… Discover without further delay the most fashionable bangs of the moment!

The rounded fringe

Longer on the sides and slightly curved, the rounded fringe is back on the front of the stage! It brings to the look a nice retro touch that makes its charm. Its greatest asset: with its slightly curved shape, this fringe softens the features.

The tapered fringe

It’s a fact: soft, flowing lines are particularly trendy this season. Forget the straight and thick bangs, it’s the tapered and light bangs that are popular! Unstructured, it brings character to the cut and adapts to all body types.

The bottleneck bong

Last but not least, here is the trendiest fringe of the season! Straight out of the 70s, the bottleneck bong has the art of making more than one crack… Fine at the roots and thicker and flared from the eyebrows to the ears, the “bottle head” fringe highlights all face shapes.

To give pep to your hair, you now know which option to turn to! The fringe has everything to please and adapts to tastes, desires, but also to the nature of the hair and the morphology of each one… So, why deprive yourself of it?

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