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Here are the 4 bags to wear to be trendy after 50

Of all the winter clothing essentials, we will retain only the best: the handbag. Because it would be very innocent to think of being able to achieve a perfect outfit, without her understanding this object of all desires. All in all, it is clear that many women fifties forced many of their bags into exile, mistakenly thinking that they were “past the age to carry them”. Think again, and how much, since in terms of fashion, no barrier is set. It’s all about knowing which coins to bet on, and how to appropriate them with confidence.

Style after 50: these trendy handbags to wear to be fashionable

Side bags, this year 2022 is off to a strong start, with the launch of the long-awaited Vibe Dior, but not only. So here are the bag trends accessible to all budgets, which must hold your attention, if you have the fifties, and even more.

A chain bag

No doubt you have seen it pass. the chain bag Where big chain bag, is making a comeback at the start of 2022. And the least we can say is that its ostentatious chains have charmed fashionistas of all generations, including women over 50 which excels in terms of style. Their new recruit? The Kesme bag by Manu Atelier, which they proudly associate with resolutely modern clothes.

A hobo bag

Back in force for the hobo bag, which is becoming the main ally of new generations of fashionistas, but also and above all of fifties which do not lack style. What do they like? The slightly arched shape of the hobo bag, its soft lines, but also and above all its rounded structure which bring the complement of style to any outfit.

A gathered leather bag

Minimalist, adorned with faux leather gathers, and available in various bright colors, the Gabby JW Pei bag is the ultimate fashion investment to make in 2022, no matter our age. Its bright tones will bring pep and modernity to our most beautiful outfits, and will go well with our entire fashion wardrobe.

A padded bag

Even signatures of the Bottega Veneta brand, the quilted bags are the ideal fashion guarantee for 50 year old women or more, who wish rejuvenate their wardrobe. As soft as you want and held together by stitching, these it bags are suitable for all styles, and magnify pants, dresses or skirts.

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