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here are the 4 LEAST painful areas to (finally) take the plunge!

Are you about to get a tattoo for the very first time, but are you afraid of needle pain? This article is made for you !

It is normal for you to ask yourself questions before taking the plunge: this is not trivial! Knowing which areas of the body are the least painful may help you get through the process more easily…

Yes, after having drawn up the list of the most painful places to get tattooed, place to those who are the least… Take your notes!

Tattoos: here are the least painful areas of the body

To begin, you should know that the areas where the pain of the tattoo is less intense are those where there is muscle and fat. Here are four!


The calf muscle is able to absorb pain. The tattoo of this less sensitive area is thus more bearable. Be careful not to extend the tattoo too close to the ankle, a place considered particularly painful!


The thighs are also one of the least sensitive areas of the body to get a tattoo! The surface is extended, flat, perfect for sliding the needle! However, you’d better avoid the inner thigh: much more painful.

The arm

As a whole, the arm tattoo is not the most painful. However, some parts of this member are more so than others… For a first tattoo, it is better to favor the forearm or the biceps for example.


Finally, the shoulder ranks among the most classic places to get a tattoo, but also among the least painful. This is also why it is a privileged area to succumb to a first tattoo!

You now know which areas of the body are the least sensitive to pain… However, everyone has their own sensitivity! For a first tattoo, you might be better off going with a simple, no-fill design, no matter what area you get tattooed!

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