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Here are the 4 most TRENDY colors of the season, for which you will fall for without hesitation!

Although timidly, spring is setting in for good. And, like every year, this much-loved season brings with it a handful of beauty trends that are about to punctuate the months to come!

Whether on the side of self-care, makeup, such as haircuts or hairstyles; it is clear that the signature beauty treatments for spring-summer 2022 have some nice surprises in store. So much so, that we sometimes don’t know where to turn!

In this article, it is the most fashionable hair colors of the season that we are interested in. In order to see more clearly, what better than to rely on a real expert in the field: Gianni Coppa, hairdresser founder of the salon R Factory Paris.

Spring-summer 2022: the 4 most popular colors

According to him, several very distinct colorings embody spring-summer 2022 and are about to wear all the faces… Find out without further delay which ones they are!

The glow hair

More trendy than ever, the glow hair aims to lighten the natural base of the hair by one to two tones, from root to tip. As Gianni Coppa suggests, this technique maintains like a classic coloring and has the art of bringing reflection to the hair!

Gourmet colors

You would have understood it ; luminous reflections are popular and – in this area – gourmet colors are not left out! Honey shades, shades of brown, shimmering colors… So many possibilities to chew on, for which we succumb without hesitation this season!

Expensive brunette

Ideal for brown to brown hair, theexpensive brunette has everything to please. After having made more than one crack last winter, here it is again ready to wear all the heads in spring-summer 2022. Chic and elegant at will, this coloring is able to sublimate any dark hair, in adorning it with a shimmering and ultra luminous effect!

Contrasting colors

As for the techniques most used this season, Gianni Coppa explains that he emphasizes soft contrasts and draws inspiration from milky drinks such as hot chocolate, matcha tea or even bubble tea so as to bring as much light as possible to the face.

But that’s not all: the professional also relies on the strategic placement of contrasting locks that have the art of making all the difference! To create depth and bring light, the hairdresser relies in particular on the ” hair contour »the ” piece of hair »or the ” hair shadow ».

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