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Here are the 5 fashion trends 2022 that will dress us all according to Pinterest

It is in true El Dorado for aficionados of fashion, beauty, decoration and travel, that the image bank inspirational the most popular of our generation takes a look back at the trends that will mark 2022.

A fifth annual report thus named “Pinterest Predicts”, based on the research of 440 million monthly users of the famous site, and which makes it possible to note which are the clothes and the accessories which will become legion. And if smocked clothes, cut-out dresses and cowboy boots – but not only – have so far won all the votes, these essential clothing are being supplanted by a new wave of fashion trends in the making and of which here are the characteristics.

Fashion trends 2022: the clothes and accessories we’ll all be wearing this year

At the turn of this new Year, it seems that the health crisis was not right about the style of the fashionistas who stand in our ranks. And for good reason, rather than copying sullen looks that breathe boredom, or even advocating sportswear in the city, the 2022 locker room begins slowly but surely, to be adorned with vibrant tones, but also legendary or innovative cuts. . Whether it’s a return to stylistic fundamentals, or even new sketches, one thing is certain: this year fashion is a sign of renewal and reappropriation of the allure of past generations, version 2022.

Vitamin colors

While the forecasts suggested that the trend would turn to pastel and dark outfits, Pinterest is highlighting the garish colors that are doing well in 2022. And the least we can say, the locker room of this new year promises to be colorful. Our color palette? Electric blue (+ 140%), iridescent and rainbow hues (+ 2k increases in clicks), fuchsia, Very Peri the flagship color of Pantone, or even shiny notes, as it was more than ever question during the Christmas Eve.

Checkerboard patterns

The very essence of the wardrobe of the 60s and 70s, the checkerboard pattern (+ 160%) will combine this year with the outfits of seasoned fashionistas, which does not lack style. An operational return for this print vintage, which we owe in part to the Australian brand Holidays, a follower of success since Gigi Hadid appropriated one of her mesh tops checkerboard green and white last summer. A snowball effect that lasts and is needed in the future. Enough to checkmate all your opponents on the style side.

Antique style

Versace leader, will have contributed to improving the notion of antique fashion (+ 65%) as expected: triumphant. Thus, the look of a modern-day goddess will be one of the attitudes to adopt in 2022, as recent research shows. Pinterest who are unanimous in saying that the Corinthian motifs, the drapes and the gathers by the thousands, are inspired by ancestral myths and legends to conquer our 2022 wardrobe.

The silk

While the trend sleepwear Had better behave in 2021, here she is waking up and showing herself in a new light. From satin to silk, dresses and nightgowns are once again becoming popular garments, no longer just meant to be worn at home, but to be considered in the city.


Big night according to Alaïa, neo-bohemian at Altuzarra, or even futurists on the spring-summer 2022 podium of Balmain, pearls look great. Whether pearly, white, silver or cream, they invade the modosphere thanks to an armada of pearl dresses (+ 3k), pearl necklaces (+ 7k) and pearl rings (+ 2k).

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