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Here are the 5 most influential 2022 fashion trends on TikTok

Accustomed to finding the best, the search engine Stylight paints this time the portrait of the five fashion trends that are very successful on TikTok. Because on the sidelines of Instagram, the social network adored by Gen Z is legitimizing itself more than ever to become the new stylistic reference. Hashtags #fashiontrends that have more than 600 million views, to keywords that number in the hundreds of thousands and give life to new fashion trends, no doubt that TikTok is now the headquarters of fashionistas who want to stay connected.

Fashion trends 2022: these clothes and accessories that will dress us according to TikTok

The ballet-core aesthetic

Faced with the return of Carrie Bradshaw and her iconic tutu, or quite simply thanks to fashion designers who claim the wearing of ballet flats and tulle, the trend ballet core resurfaced. Alexander McQueen SS22, Dior Haute Couture SS22 or even Molly Goddard SS22 contribute in heart to relaunch this again valued hype. On TikTok? The hashtag #balletaesthetic already has more than 4.8 million views. As for Stylight, the platform notes an increase in clicks for ballerina shoes with heels (+33%), for tulle skirts (+58)% for lace clothes (+55%).

Subversive Basics

From layering games to cutting games, there is only one step. And for good reason, the subversive clothing make a remarkable appearance on the front of the fashion scene. Because if the trend is about to surpass all the others, the term “subversive basics” is nevertheless very recent since it was born from the initiative of forecaster Agustina Panzoni aka @thealgorythm on TikTok at the beginning of the year. In addition, interest in “subversive basics” has grown by +67% on Google while clicks for tops cut out increased by 94% on Stylight.

Checkerboard (or checkerboard) print

Imbued with the nostalgia of the 60s, the checkerboard print fascinates the web and in particular TikTok on which circulates the hashtag #checkboardoutfit which counts no less than 346,000 views. A success noted by Stylight, which lists a sudden spike in interest of +28% compared to last year for “ plaid clothes “.

The catsuit

Back in force to boost the look of women in Catwoman of modern times, the catsuit, literally “cat suit” is establishing itself as one of the key trends of 2022. Proof of this is, on TikTok, research related to bodycon jumpsuits have exploded, as has the hashtag #catsuit which has more than 152.9 million views on the social network, compared to last year. Same refrain on Stylight, on which queries increased by +920%. On the podium side, the catsuit comes in all its forms. Structured by an embroidered corset for Acne Studios, tailoring style according to Saint Laurent, or even cut out according to Burberry, the tight-fitting suit is reissued from every angle.


In 2022, clothing for feathers take off to take off on the fashion sphere. An operational return for this singular trend, inspired by the Roaring Twenties, which has persisted since the New Year. TikTok, the hashtag “feather dress” has to date more than 2.6 million views, and erects the feather dress to the rank of true sartorial reference. On Google, it is none other than the keywords “feather dress” and “feather dress” which have grown by +65% between December 1, 2021 and January 10, 2022 compared to last year.

The accessories oversized

Never again out of fashion, the XXL accessories embody the extravagance desired in 2022. No offense to some, micro-bags and other minimalist accessories thus give way to versions oversized, such as extra-large sunglasses adorned with retro accents, or ostentatious bags. On Stylight, peak interest in searches increased by more than 1000% for sunglasses oversized, and 1000% increase in clicks for maxi bags.

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