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here are the 5 MOST painful areas of the body!

More trendy than ever, tattoos now feature all bodies (or almost)! Small pieces as well as more imposing works, they come in endless varieties and have the art of making us crack.

Almost addictive, hard to resist the call of the needle… Especially once the very first tattoo has been done. It is clear that it is rarely the last!

But to succumb to the trend of tattooing, you still have to manage to take the leap… Very often, the pain felt during inking repels more than it attracts!

Tattoo: here are the areas where the pain is the most intense

Do you want to get a tattoo, but the pain is a hindrance for you? This article may well interest you. Discover without further delay which areas to avoid for a first tattoo!

The extremities

Perfect for accommodating a discreet tattoo, the extremities of the body – in other words, the hands and feet (including the ankles) – are considered to be particularly painful. And for good reason: the skin is very thin and there are many small nerves, bones and other joints. In general, the joints are really sensitive areas.

The ribs

Significantly aesthetic area where to get a tattoo, the ribs are no less painful! It must be said that the tattoo artist’s needle almost touches the bones, which makes the experience more trying! Note that the sternum is also one of the very sensitive areas to tattoo.


If the tattoo models for the spine are not lacking, it is better not to start with this area for a first tattoo! It is a fact, as the nerves are particularly numerous at this precise location, the pain caused by the needle is intended to be intense and may even spread to the rest of the body.

The inside of the arms and legs

As the skin there is extremely thin, tattooing the inside of the arms and legs can be very painful. It must be said that many nerves and veins are there! As if that weren’t enough, these areas are also prone to chafing and sweating.

After learning about the most painful places on the body to get a tattoo, keep in mind that everyone has their own pain tolerance! However, you would still be better off avoiding these areas if this is your very first tattoo and you don’t know how you react to the needle yet!

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