Thursday, January 13, 2022

updated on Thursday, January 13, 2022

Here are the 6 coats to invest in to be trendy in 2022

Charming assets of the winter wardrobe, coats have one thing in common: they are essential. So don’t do things by halves, and focus on the trendiest, which are not lacking in style.

Faithful to the post of outerwear essential to any stylistic winter survival, jackets and coats sometimes have a habit of being worn a billion times, until you can no longer see them in paint. And if some women of all ages are in favor of having only one in their dressing room, here they are who will change their minds in the face of six coats who are at the forefront of 2022 fashion trends.

What coats should you absolutely buy in 2022?

Who says new year, says operational changes, which also apply to fashion. Because although some coats remain great classics, like the perfecto, the denim jacket or even the trench coat, the latter are forced to buy back a pipe, due to the return of other coats which become legions. Thus, in 2022 we gladly swap our puffy jacket classic versus a long version, but also a cotton trench versus a faux leather or vinyl.

What also changes? Woolen coats all have something extra. From now on, they dare color, pure tones, and come with faux fur sleeves. And here are the models to get without further delay.

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