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here are the 6 fashion trends that all the experts will adopt to wake up

Traditional recurrence requires, the quest for evening dress perfect has become a priority. Between trouser or skirt suits for women, little black dresses, blazer jackets or asymmetrical tops, it can seem complicated for those who like to renew themselves, not to repeat themselves in terms of style. Let’s be reassured, special fashion Christmas Eve this time is placed under the sign futuristic, and embodies the joy of living 70s and 80, by plunging the world fashion, in a sphere spatiotemporal.

And while the editorial staff continues to premeditate the various fashion trends who initiate a conquering arrival for Christmas and the new Year’s Day, the search engine Stylight did not miss the mark either, and reveals to us what are the evening wear that generate the most interest on the Internet. The destination ? From rhinestones, accumulations of shines, from plumes and retro cuts, which breathe the charm of this distant time, how much never bygone.

What are the fashion trends to remember to find the perfect evening outfit?

Shiny and glitter combinations (+ 928% increase in clicks)

Because they will make those who wear them real cosmonauts of modern times, ready to invade the world. fashion sphere, the shiny combinations are becoming the new fashion essentials of Christmas and New Year, version 2021. The key words to remember? Relaxation and sensuality, which once assembled will help you find the sequin jumpsuit perfect to wake up, without mirror ball effect.

Glitter tights (+ 392% increase in clicks)

Cautions even of extreme elegance, the tights offer themselves this year an aesthetic that is all the more dapper, and rewarding. Because it is by adorning oneself with sequins and others shines of all kinds, that black tights begin an operational comeback, on the front of the fashion scene, special Christmas.

Fringed dresses (+ 223% interest in Google searches)

What would a evening dress who throws it, without fringes or sequins? Not much to believe the statistics statement Stylight which proves by A plus B, that the fringed dresses are at the top of the list of the most popular clothes for fashionistas for a Christmas and one the new Year, resolutely connected.

Feathers (+ 146% increase in clicks)

Because they sum up all the lightness that we expect regarding evening wear, the plumes adorn the latter so that they embody the revival of the 1920s, 2021 style. From the hems of the sleeves and pants, to the all over or by touching the dresses … plumes are the very essence of the wardrobe of this new festive period.

Glitter platform shoes (+ 105% increase in clicks)

With premeditated success since the Italian house Versace seized it, the tendency specific to platform shoes and rhinestone continues to gain momentum. But this time, the validation is played down to a stylistic detail, since the sandals and wedge pumps with sequins are worn only with socks.

The white boots (+ 88% increase in clicks)

With a utilitarian sounding in their beginnings, to become essential in fashion since Cristóbal Balenciaga legitimized them in the 1960s, boots become legion every winter. And this time, a pair is doing well, since it is the white boots who restore their image in these Christmas and New Year. The reason ? The 1970s style is back with great fanfare since fashionistas watched Netflix series, who plunged them into this ultra-trendy generation.

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