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here are the 6 WORST makeup mistakes to avoid after 50

It’s a fact, you don’t wear makeup the same way at 20 as you do at 50 and over! The face changes and it is important to use age-appropriate techniques so as not to tire the eyes, but on the contrary to rejuvenate the features!

Makeup after 50: six mistakes to avoid

To highlight yourself as it should be, there are not only makeup practices to know, but also others to avoid! And it is precisely to the mistakes too often made that we dedicate this article. To your notes!

Not hydrating your skin

If the hydration of the skin is essential at any age, it is even more so after 50 years! Applying make-up on a face that lacks hydration means taking the risk of marking more than hiding wrinkles and fine lines!

Have a heavy hand on the concealer

With age, dark circles become more visible and the look more tired. The temptation to put on a good layer of covering concealer is great… However, this is not the most suitable option. Instead, keep your hand light and opt for moisturizing and delicate textures!

Choose shades that are too dark

The current trend is more for vitamin shades! That’s good, dark shades are not the ones that highlight your look the most. And for good reason: they tend to harden it more than to illuminate it! And this rule also applies to lip makeup.

Abuse mascara

If making up your eyes by skipping the mascara step is a mistake in its own right, abusing it is another! Black pencil, too much mascara, dark eyeshadow… So many missteps makeup which is best avoided. Not to mention that, after 50 years, the eyes tend to be more watery!

Do not use lip liner

Mouth makeup is key after 50! Even without betting on colors that are too extravagant, the simple fact of clearly defining the contours of your lips using a nude pencil already has the art of making all the difference. So why deprive yourself of it?

Use matte lipstick

If matte lipstick has long fascinated, it is clear that it is not ideal after 50 years… An age from which the mouth is refined and fine lines become more marked. On the contrary, betting on a moisturizing and satiny texture means adding volume to the mouth without too much effort!

So, what are you waiting for to reinvent your beauty routine by avoiding these common mistakes? The dapper beauty treatment that rejuvenates the features and illuminates the face is yours!

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