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Here are the 7 trends that will mark 2022 according to our Fashion Journalist

If you are faithful to the position of reader of, it is impossible that you have missed my recurring retrospectives, shopping selections, from practical advice, and highlighting cult or emerging brands. It’s impossible that you haven’t found a shoe that suits you – or Nodaleto to your tights Gucci– during your expeditions on my many articles, dedicated to fashion trends, those that I gladly add to my wish list, and you too.

Because the editorial staff knows the pieces that animate you, make you vibrate and twirl with the sandstone of the seasons. An advantage that allows me to target your expectations as precisely as possible, and to affirm that my predictions concerning the fashion trends 2022, are sure to please. Deal ?

What fashion trends will we see everywhere in 2022?

Intended for reverie deep, or to join our fashion collection, these clothes, these shoes and these accessories, take position on the list of trends that will inspire all the others this year. One thing is certain, these irrefutable crushes will become the eldorado of those who like to leave early, to conquer fashion trends. And this is the promise of : spotting trends, before the modopsphere takes over. So, trust me, and hold these pieces for reference.

The tailor

It’s a fact, the silhouettes office clothes claim victory at the beginning of the year 2022. But this time, it is not a question of associating only pieces adaptation between them, but to mix them with clothes with diametrically opposed styles. An example ? Pleated trousers, mixed with a cashmere sweater, après-ski boots, and a quilted jacket.

The return of velvet

Predestined to success since the return of the style of the 1970s, velvet continues its stylistic ascent. On the other hand, this year it is a question of colors. In other words, to wear this ribbed material with velvet pants, and preferably Pink, please.


More pretexts than ever for celebrating, sequins are no longer just reserved for frenzied evenings, but to be worn every day. Of Paco Rabanne at Prada, Passing by Blanket… The biggest names in fashion got into it, and gave it their all to put some sparkle in our lives.

The Bratz look

Not ready to slip away, the bratz trend enters its second successful year. Because more than twenty years after the appearance of these trendy dolls, platform shoes and more particularly the mastoc square-toed boots, confirm the place that is rightfully theirs. That of the shoe trend of the year 2022. XXL shoes that fascinate Generation Z, as much as they charm the editorial staff.

The chains

From minimalist to ostentatious, chains who will adorn our accessories have chosen their side. From now on, things are done on a large scale, so that you can spot this singular detail at first glance, which adorns the shoes and bags. JW Anderson, and star leather goods, signed Manu Atelier.

The colored coats

More daring, the wool coat is reissued this year in colorful versions. From pop green to fuchsia, the color palettes reserved for this room outerwear promise to be vibrant and vitalizing.

faux fur

The trend sheepskin is, and will be on all fronts, and first rank. From jackets, to clogs, to bags, faux fur is essential for any survival clothing in winter. And the “sheepskin” trend is not about to fade away.

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