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Here are the boots to put on according to our Fashion Journalist (to lengthen your legs)

Remember, last March, it was as a leader of amateur and confirmed fashionistas that the editorial staff predestined square-toed shoes to success. Since then, a lot has happened. Yet this trend has remained true to itself, except for one detail, since it was then a question of pumps and sandals. Now, to survive the frosts of winter with an excess of style, these summer shoes bow out to square toe bootswhich embody the new chic.

Square toe boots: the shoe trend to adopt to have a lot of style

Never has the style of the 2000s influenced the modern era as much as since the return of platform shoes, inspired by the style of Bratz dolls, and lolitas of the time. And it is indeed on these shoes that half of the population begins to climb, to gain height, without falling in style.

Thus, to respond to the crowds, our favorite brands offer their boots and ankle boots from all angles, in order to shape them as expected. Jonak, MiistaMinelli and of course Nodaletothe most prominent labels are signing square toe shoes which go hand in hand with our wishes.

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