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Here are the fashion trends influenced by our favorite Christmas movies

Because fashion is often a reflection of the movies and series we watch, it would seem that once again the facts are true. And for good reason, while the countdown until New Year’s Eve is launched, the television programs are punctuated by hundreds of christmas movies which always attract the attention of the public. Among them ? Four romantic comedies built around the end of the year celebrations, whose fictional characters greatly influence consumers’ online purchases. An observation revealed by the search engine Stylight. Red coats, white scarves, “heart” pendants, coordinated pajamas… Focus on the clothes and accessories to remember in summary.

These 2022 fashion trends influenced by our favorite Christmas movies

Love in fact

Articulated around a jumble of love stories on Christmas Eve, this film released in 2003 has since become a true benchmark in cinematography. And for good reason, if it brings together Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, or Keira Knightley, this Golden Globe nominated film is the headliner of all christmas movies reunited. For proof, according to Freedom Marketing, the average monthly search volume for Love in fact rises to more than 151,000. A classification of circumstances, since this christmas movie remains one of the most searched in France, Italy and 17 other countries, totaling 887,000 searches per month worldwide, according to Stylight. And on the fashion side, viewers continue to be seduced by various clothes worn by the stars of the film.

Mesh tops (+ 43% increase in clicks)

It’s when Mark, played by Andrew Lincoln, declares his feelings to his best friend’s young wife, that we see a white mesh top worn by Juliet, the character in question, played by Keira Knightley. A key moment of the film since the man with the broken heart declares his love to him by the means of signs ” “At Christmas, we tell the truth” or “For me you are perfect”… Iconic.

Red coats (+ 55% increase in clicks)

Among the clothes that stand out is the red coat worn by Martine McCutcheon, in the scene where Natalie, her character, kisses David, the English Prime Minister then her hierarchical superior.

Large mesh vests (+ 171% increase in clicks)

We all remember the large gray mesh cardigan worn by Aurélia, the fictional love of Colin Firth in Love in fact. A retro fashion piece that has long been criticized, and yet it is becoming ultra-trendy again.


Since its theatrical release in 2006, this romantic comedy by Nancy Meyers continues to win all the votes during the end-of-year celebrations. His secret? A soundtrack that we owe to the majestic Hans Zimmer, a five-star cast bringing together Cameron diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black and Eli Wallach, but also and above all budding love stories. A perfect cocktail to explain the recurring positioning of Vacations at the top of the list of christmas movies the most watched.

This year ? The key to success concerns in particular the clothing range of Cameron diaz, whose peak interest in this keyword is exploding in December. What are Internet users looking for? Three very distinct clothes worn by the actress who lends her features to Amanda, one of the key characters. And here are the trends that stand out.

Pastel wool hats (+ 373% increase in clicks)

Woolen coats (+ 255% increase in clicks)

White cashmere scarves (+ 396% increase in clicks)

Love hard

Launched in 2021 on Netflix, this American comedy directed by Hernán Jiménez is already among the christmas movies essentials of this end of the year. In the program ? Actress Nina Dobrev, who plays a young woman from Los Angeles who crosses the country to surprise the man she met on an online dating site. Results ? Only 24 hours after launching Love hard on the streaming platform, the peak of searches for clothing stars of the film exploded, going so far as to become real fashion trends in its own right.

The “I ain’t no ho ho ho” t-shirt (+ 100% increase in clicks)

This ugly Christmas t-shirt is catching the attention of many internet users, as this dazzling search spike attests.

The North Face down jacket in black and ocher (+ 40% increase in clicks)

A great wardrobe staple, the down jacket or quilted jacket is presented this winter in another color: black and yellow. A change in aesthetics that we owe to the film Love hard according to Stylight.

Red floral dresses (+ 32% increase in clicks)

Worn by Natalie, the star of the film, the red dress with floral patterns is emerging as a fashion trend that we did not expect, given the drop in temperatures. Wear it in summer or winter, with tights and a thick coat, this floral dress getting ready to get ahead of all other evening dresses.

The Levi’s sleeveless puffer jacket (+ 100% increase in clicks)

Unmissable this year, and all the more so since the release of Love hard, the sleeveless down jacket conquers its audience.

Bridget Jones Diary

Has become a real benchmark in christmas movie since its theatrical release in 2001, Bridget Jones Diary always meets a conquered audience with each viewing. Proof that director Sharon Maguire got it right by trusting Renee Zellweger to interpret this single thirty-something, who shapes the very essence of the film alongside Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. On the counter? Over $ 756 million in revenue recorded worldwide. One christmas movie which continues to largely influence our stylistic desires.

The Christmas sweater (+1000% increase in clicks)

Worn by the famous Marc Darcy (Colin Firth), the ” ugly christmas sweater With a reindeer head remains a great classic of the holiday season fashion trends. And for good reason, this assumed cheesy garment, has since 2011 its own international day which falls every third Friday in December. A flashback that we owe in large part to the saga.

Matching pajamas (+ 614% increase in clicks)

While their notoriety has largely developed with containment, the matching pajamas have become indispensable to society, fond of these coordinated sleepwear, inspired by Bridget jones.

“Heart” pendants (+ 162% increase in clicks)

Sketched by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany, the “heart” pendant is the necklace that Bridget jones sports in the three films, and which arouses a real enthusiasm on the side of the public.

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