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Here are the fashion trends to wear to have a lot of style after 50 years

While the past weeks, our Fashion Journalist painted you the portrait of shoes and dresses to seize, when one wishes dress trend past 50 years, let us now focus our interest on the parts as a whole. Because we agree on one point: age should not dictate the way we dress.

However, we must recognize that depending on the generation of fashionistas to which we belong, it is true that certain clothes highlight our charm assets even more, depending on our age group. And here are the fashion trends, which caught the attention of the Mariefrance.fr editorial staff, and which has already made many addicts.

What are the fashion trends to wear to have style after 50?

combat boots

Same refrain every winter, ankle boots are out to help women weather the storm. All in all, in 2022, these are indeed the military rangers who sign their resurrection. Flat or wedge-soled shoes, ideal for treading the asphalt with dignity, whatever the weather. Drawn from the shoe Dr Martens, Maje or Jonak, the combat boots will awaken and modernize your outfits.

Pleated pants

In the fashion game, we will not be caught. The pleated pants are well in place to ensure style this year, as we had planned. Whether we have 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, or 50 years and more, pleated pants are the perfect ally to boost your look in no time. The secret ? Wear tailored trousers not with a matching suit jacket, but with casual or sportswear clothes to bring a necessary touch of pep.

faux fur

At the height of its notoriety, the trend sheepskin is doing more than well in 2022. If the aviator jacket that revived the trend is now shedding its shearling, the Teddy bear coat has nothing to worry about since women of all ages and especially fifties, love her fake fur. the must to wear it? Pair it with a long dress.

Clothes oversized

We can never repeat it enough, but wearing deliberately oversized clothes is the key to a perfectly mastered casual look. But beware, it is an art that is handled with subtlety, since it is a question of proportions. In other words, it is advisable to wear loose clothes, either at the bottom or at the top to avoid thickening your silhouette excessively. All this, without forgetting to accessorize her outfit with a handbag worn over the shoulder, and accumulations of jewellery.


To play tough, fashionistas aged 50 and over have a trick: wear leather without refusing anything. Because if the last Jennifer Lopez wore a black leather bra signed AMI Paris, she is not the only fifty-something to find in leather clothing that little extra that her dressing room lacked. From leather pants, to a perfecto, to a faux leather overshirt… All variations are possible.


Inspired by the style of the Roaring Twenties, feathers are once again becoming legion. On the sleeves of blouses and the hems of pajamas, or on evening and everyday dresses, feathers are the extra style to dare to wear after 50 years and even before.

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