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here are the most popular brands in the world

In the fashion game, the ranking of the most popular brands is akin to real musical chairs, since from one quarter to another they can lose their place for one reason or another. So, after depicting the fashion pieces the most searched on the internet from October to December 2021, the new report Lyst Index puts the accent on the progressions or the temporary falls, of the houses which dress us and make us dream.

What are the most popular fashion brands in 2022?

Often accustomed to vying for the headliner since the creation of The Lyst Index in 2017, Balenciaga and Gucci once again sit as absolute masters in the quarterly rankings. An observation which is unfortunately not the same for Off White, which after appearing in first place five times, lost its long-held position, due to the disappearance of its founder Virgil Abloh, also artistic director of men’s lines at Louis Vuitton, disappeared last November.

For its part, the Italian house Prada wins a place to climb to the third step of the podium, thus defying all predictions by beating his positioning record. The main reasons? The various stamped items Prada who have won the favor of the most influential celebrities, but also because of the challenge #PradaBucketChallenge went viral on tiktok, launched at the initiative of the brand.

On the sidelines, her little sister Miu Miu signs her entry voucher for the first time on The Lyst Index and occupies this quarter the 20and place in the ranking, in particular due to its sensational spring-summer 2022 fashion show which created hysteria during the Fashion Week Parisian.

All in all, it is none other than Balenciaga who leads the dance by retaining first place in the ranking of most influential brands in the world, for the second consecutive quarter. Between the Neo Classic bag which becomes the most sought-after object of desire on the Internet, but also a close collaboration with The Simpsons for his Spring-Summer 2022 fashion show, which was talked about a lot on social networks, Balenciaga becomes the fashion reference for the start of 2022.

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