Tuesday, December 21, 2021

updated on Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Here are the negative effects stress has on your skin

The stress generated following a tragic event or due to a well-paced daily life is inevitable, and can have negative consequences on your skin and your health. However, there are many ways to minimize the consequences, and here are the ones.

Anyone can experience periods of stress, but when it becomes a habit it can have serious consequences on your health and especially on your skin. The face is in particular the first area to be visibly impacted by the effects of stress. Dry skin, mounted and acne are just some of the repercussions responding to theanxiety.

The negative effects of stress on our skin tone

Two elements that arise from anxiety have repercussions on our skin. First, the hormones that our body releases when we feel anxious or anxious can cause physiological changes that negatively impact our skin. Second, anxiety-related habits have something to do with it, such as grinding our teeth, biting our nails or biting our lips, also affect the appearance of our skin in a lasting way. For these reasons, it is therefore important to minimize the influence of this negative emotion in our life in order to fight against loss of quality of our skin, and the signs of premature aging.

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