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here are the pieces to look younger (no matter our age)

As the page slowly turns to make way for an imminent start to the year, here is the perfect opportunity to take a look back at the trends in which to mold our feminine curves. And if some fashionistas mistakenly think that hype aimed only at millennials and Gen Z, the editorial team proves the opposite by lifting the veil on the different pieces that match wonderfully at all ages and body types.

What are the 2022 fashion trends to adopt to be young and trendy?

From the bomber jacket, through the platform moccasins, the skirt old school, the big bag chain or immaculate trainers… These winter 2022 essentials will enhance all body types. Whether you are cut in O, A, X, V or 8, or even if you are over forty years old, fashion is ageless.

A skirt old school

Contrary to what one might think: yes, the miniskirt can be worn when flirting with the fifties or even the sixties. The idea? Pair it with opaque, monochrome or polka-dot print tights to inject an extra touch of style, then pair it with a deliberately oversized shirt. All worn with a pair of flat riding style boots, and voila.

A fitted wool coat

We are far from the idea of ​​revisiting the classics, but we affirm that the woolen cloth coat is one of the major fashion trends for winter 2022, but which is played out with two details: its belt and a touch of ‘accessories.

An it bag

And not just any. Whether it’s the JW Pei micro-bag that all fashionistas are snapping up this winter, the iconic baguette bag, the big bag chain or the bag with bamboo handles… The situation is unchanged, since these accessories boost the style quotient of all fashion aficionados.

A leather look

Not just reserved for teenagers, the leather worn in a all over adorns itself with charm by being worn by all those who allow it. Most ? Tie your belt in a charlot style.

A bomber

The very essence of the 2021-2022 fashion wardrobe, the jacket bomber or “flight jacket” is making a comeback to become a leading trend. But this season, we wear it all the more with a pencil skirt, a sober turtleneck, a pair of black sunglasses and delicate shoes to contrast with its urban style.

A chunky chain bag

Popularized by luxury brand Bottega Veneta, the oversized chain bag has been on everyone’s lips, or at least on the arms of all fashion experts. Its asset? Its look that modernizes any outfit.

Chunky moccasins

Long rejected by society, chunky-soled loafers are now at the forefront of the fashion scene. But to wear them with ease and style, this year we tweak them with modern pieces, like jeans or a singular skirt, and accessories that throw it off.

High waist jeans

Flare cut, bootcut, palazzo or simply pat ‘d’eph, 70s-inspired jeans are the very essence of a wardrobe of all generations. What do we like? Their high waist and tapered lines, which flare out from the knees and ideally mold our curves.

Immaculate sneakers

Ready to board to make us spend a resolutely trendy winter, monochrome sneakers can be considered regardless of our age. The difference ? This year it is a question of wearing it not with pants, but with a long dress at the height of sexy.

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