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here are the products to favor when it is (VERY) hot!

The sunny days are here and the higher temperatures are setting in for good. If in winter, it is not difficult to bet on textures covering and comforting at will, this is not the case in summer! Sweating, runny mascara, redness… It is clear that it is far from easy to put on make-up during the hottest months of the year!

Yes, forget all your habits make-up these next few weeks! When the thermometer reaches record highs, there’s no question of not adopting a suitable routine to create a sensation without suffering too much from the heat… The objective: to keep a fresh face even in the middle of summer! To do this, here are some steps to follow.

How to make up in summer step by step?


It’s hot even at night, you tend to sweat in your sheets, you feel slightly sticky when you wake up… Before applying make-up, it is essential to cleanse your face well! What better way to do this than to opt for a very gentle and non-comedogenic cleanser… Like the squalane one from The Ordinary for example !


Throughout the year, the skin is confronted with many aggressions and the summer period is obviously no exception to the rule! Between the sun, the salt of the sea, or even the chlorine of the swimming pool… Your face needs more than ever the comfort that a cream that is both moisturizing and light will bring it. If it has a sun protection factor, such as Nuxuriance Ultra cream by Nuxeit’s even better !

The complexion

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter! As for the complexion, it all starts with the application of a base whose role is to optimize the hold of the make-up (even when the temperature rises)! We know that when it’s very hot, the textures tend to slip into the folds and that’s precisely what we want to avoid. Then put on a BB cream or a light foundation. Finally, set everything with a mattifying loose powder – like the Charlotte Tilbury’s Genius Magic Powder – emphasizing the T zone.

The eyes

Now place the mascara that we always fear to see dripping when the heat becomes the norm. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, we opt for make-up waterproof eyes that stand up to any test! Mascara, pencil, eyeliner… Who said that it was not possible to display a make-up perfectly controlled gaze in summer? Know that even the application of eye shadow is possible! All you need to do is trust a special eyelid base such as the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

The lips

Do you want to display a pretty colorful mouth this summer? We totally understand you! But rather than betting on a classic lipstick that risks slipping, or on a matte texture that tends to dry out the lips, turn to a hydrating, creamy and easy-to-apply product. the Baïja cherry lip balm will do the trick, for example!

The fixer

That’s it, your make-up finished ? Think again: not quite! Indeed, it is important that you put the odds on your side by spraying a makeup fixer on your face. The final touch that will make all the difference! In just a few spritzes, this product will not only make makeup last much longer, but also provide the skin with an extra touch of hydration. And if you fall for Mist & Fix setting spray by Make Up For Ever ?


Last but not least, for small fittings during the day (always necessary in certain extreme situations), you never forget to slip a mattifying product into your bag to draw if the need arises! This savior will allow you to catch up with your make-up and avoid the forehead that shines in the blink of an eye. For this you can opt for NYX Matte Mattifying Paper Sheets !

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