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Here are the risks of using solid cosmetics, according to 60 million consumers

Increasingly widespread, solid cosmetics have made their way into our bathroom. It must be said that they have many advantages!

More economical, ecological and practical to take everywhere with you, these products meet the new needs of consumers: in search of minimalism and naturalness.

The magazine 60 million consumers recently looked at this growing trend. Shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes… A total of 27 different solid cosmetics were studied. Verdict?

Health: do solid cosmetics pose risks?

Overall, the magazine argued that the formulation of these products proved to be ” rather qualitative ». However, their formulation can still present certain risks for their users… Explanations!

Solid shampoos

As for solid shampoos, it has been found that their high concentration can be irritating to the scalp. In the article, one can indeed read: It is true that since the ingredients are not diluted, the shampoo is more concentrated: if used incorrectly, it can irritate the scalp, for example”.

Although the formulation of the solid shampoos studied by the magazine was generally good, some products were still penalised. In their composition, the presence of essential oils, not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children, has also been singled out.

Solid toothpastes

All the solid toothpastes analyzed by 60 million consumers contained abrasive (siwak, kaolin, hydroxyapatite, charcoal, calcium carbonate) and foaming agents. If the latter improve the action of brushing, used in large quantities, they can end up wearing down the enamel of the teeth.

Apart from one reference, all of the toothpastes studied did not contain any preservatives. It is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to their proper conservation and use. The objective: to avoid unpleasant surprises such as the proliferation of bacteria, for example. The absence of fluorine also does not seem to reassure the magazine…

Solid deodorants

If the references of solid deodorants screened by the magazine do not contain controversial or problematic ingredients (such as aluminum salts for example), some have nevertheless proved to be allergenic, sensitizing, even irritating. This is the case of sodium bicarbonate, certain perfumes or essential oils.

To find the whole of this comparative test, discover the article dedicated to solid cosmetics, published on the site of 60 million consumers.

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