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here are the star pants that will make your figure sparkle

While everything suggested that the pants in denim would once again be the elected officials of the city asphalt, this beginning of the year will have decided otherwise. And for good reason, rather in bad shape, the tendency Jeans is overwhelmed by his lifelong rival, the velvet. A long outdated material, whose once memorizing look has been reviewed and corrected to be sexier than ever. And if we weren’t to miss the boat as soon as it made a dazzling return during the end-of-year celebrations – and especially when the velvet lined the evening dresses – it is now possible to catch up on this beginning of the year. The secret ? Take advantage of the winter sales to get the desired object of the moment: a pink pants, corduroy please.

Pink velvet pants are the ultimate statement piece to invest in in 2022

Sent back to the closet in all soul and conscience in recent years, the corduroy pants redeems exemplary conduct. Now the competitor of pleated trousers and jeans are worn Pink, in is adorned in priority with corduroy. In other words, which is recognized by an orientation of hairs and its singular longitudinal ribs. Starting from there, the fashion lesson can start.

Which leads us to affirm that it is indeed a tendency to become ? The commotion on social networks, since a five-star cast of fashionistas, posted photos, promoting the wearing of the pink corduroy pants. The good news ? All women are concerned by this colorful trend, since the pink pants magnify style enthusiasts, of all ages and all morphologies.

Our favorite clothing associations? The total look of pink and purple shades operated by Emily Sindlev, the spiritual daughter of Carrie Bradshaw, who does not limit herself to any stylistic barrier. We take note of the combo pastel pink turtleneck, purple blazer, and fuchsia beanie fitting with his signature pink corduroy pants Ganni. What changes the situation? His micro bag, hooked at the waist for an extra touch of style.

We also succumb to the clothing proposal of the highly trendy fifties, Greece Ghanem, which shines, succumbing in turn to pink, known as the color that most rejuvenates and modernizes a silhouette.

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