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here are the three cosmetics to avoid absolutely, according to the UFC-Que Choisir

The brands signed Lidl are on the rise! It must be said that their quality / price ratio has the art of seducing consumers … Whether in the closets of our bedrooms, our kitchens, as in our bathrooms, these products have made a place of choice … And it is not to displease our wallet!

Cien is Lidl’s flagship wide beauty range. From hygiene products to make-up, including body and face care and hair … There is something for all tastes and all desires on the shelves at Lidl. And the least we can say is that Cien has made a name for himself in the field of beauty.

Indeed, on several occasions, various products of the brand have been distinguished, not only for their effectiveness, but also for the ingredients composing them. Lidl has thus been able to prove on several occasions that efficiency and inexpensive prices are perfectly compatible. However, not all Cien products have the right to faultless … As noted by the editorial site Pleine Vie.

3 Cien products pinned by UFC-Que Choisir

It is via the QuelProduit application that the consumer association pointed out the toxicity of three Cien references. Indeed, while the latter classifies products according to four different colors ranging from green (without risk) to red (significant risk), these three references were placed under the worst of them. Here they are !

Cien Sun children’s sunscreen SPF 50

If this sunscreen dedicated to the protection of the youngest is so poorly classified, it is mainly because of the presence of octrocrylene in its composition. Yet present in many other creams, this is not the first time that this problematic component has been denounced.

Classic Cream of Cien

Once again, the app is sounding the alarm in large part because of the presence of octrocrylene in this product. While it is mainly found in the composition of sun products (but not only), it seems that this ingredient has slipped into this day cream for the face signed Cien.

Cien Aloe Vera Liquid Soap

This time, it is not octrocrylene, but propylparaben, that this third product owes its red card. We are talking here about an ingredient relayed to the rank of endocrine disruptor, whose use in cosmetics is strongly criticized. It is therefore because of this component that the liquid soap with aloe vera from Cien was sanctioned.

Cien, rarely a bad student

If these three Lidl products have been pinned down by the application, it is clear that Cien is often a good student. Indeed, some of its beauty products have obtained very good distinctions from QuelProduit. This is particularly the case with Cien’s invisible deodorant.

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