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here are the tips for taking your measurements alone

Too long, too small, too loose or too tight… Clothes labeled in stores do not always meet your expectations. And for good reason, we are witnessing an increasingly frequent standardization of sizes, which means that getting dressed becomes complicated. Reasons enough to make you want to know your precise measurements, in order to target as precisely as possible the clothes to slip into your shopping cart. But how to analyze the type of morphology to which you are attached?

How to know its morphology?

A, V, H, X, O Where 8 are as many bodily schemas as there are. All in all, contrary to popular belief, a person can fall into several categories of morphologies because every body is different. In other words, it is possible to be both sculpted in A with developed hips, and in V with a generous chest. Here are the points that differentiate all the morphologies rreferenced.

The morphology in A all like the letter it represents, is identified by shoulders that are smaller than the hips, as well as a smaller waist and a smaller chest. This is the most common morphology among French women (25.8% in 2015 according to ClickNdress). On the sidelines, the V-shape or inverted pyramid, is distinguished by a structured build and slender hips.

On their side, the H-morphology is characterized by an alignment of the shoulders and hips as well as a slightly marked waist whereas the figure 8 is synonymous with an alignment of the shoulders and hips as well as a well-defined hourglass figure.

Less common but just as well known, the X morphology is recognized by a small chest, shoulders and hips aligned, as well as a marked size. As for the O-shape, it’s about having rounded shoulders, a slightly emphasized waist, round buttocks and a generous chest. From there, you already have a good knowledge to determine your morphology, but not enough. So move on to the practical exercise by taking your measurements.

How to take your measurements alone?

From the turn of cut around the thighs, arms or of stomach, no more measures will have secrets for you after reading this article and putting into practice the advice given by the editorial staff. For calculate your proportions and know your exact corpulence, bring yourself a tape measure thanks to which everything is possible. Demonstrations.

Measure your waistline

The waist is the narrowest body area of ​​your bust, located between the rib cage and the navel. To take the right measurements, it is essential to know where it is positioned exactly. To do this, wear underwear or close-fitting clothing to avoid distorting the data. Stand up straight and then tilt to the side, extending your arms along your thighs. The fold that forms makes it possible to recognize the location of the waist. Once found, wrap the tape measure around the waist, holding it parallel to the ground, then write down the measurements. An advice ? Don’t try to hold your breath. The better you gain a waistline, the worse your measurements will be wrong.

Calculate your thigh circumference

To take your thigh measurements, start by standing straight in front of a mirror. Spread your legs slightly apart, then wrap the tape measure around the thickest area of ​​your thigh. Then join the ends loosely and then take the measurements.

Calculate your butt circumference

Often a source of complexes depending on whether you consider them too big or too thin, the buttocks are nevertheless a profitable asset. All in all, to feel comfortable in pants, it is essential to know your round of buttocks. To determine it? Place the tape measure (parallel to the floor) just above your crotch at the widest part. Wrap it around your buttocks then note the numerical indications.

Measure your hip circumference

Stand straight in front of the mirror, then position the tape on the most rounded part at the level of the buttocks. Then wrap it around the hips to take the measurement.

Calculate your belly circumference

Wrap the tape measure around the belly (the part where it is most rounded) right at the level of the navel, making sure that the tool is parallel to the ground so as not to distort the measurements.

Measure your chest circumference

To calculate the circumference of your chest, wrap the tape measure around the highest area and join the ends of the tape to take the measurement.

Calculate arm circumference

Stand in front of a mirror, stretch one arm out and wrap the tape measure around the thickest part of your biceps. Enter the referenced measurement.

Measure your shoulder circumference

Stand straight in front of a mirror with your arms stretched out along your body. Unroll the tape measure and note the measurements.

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