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Here are the tips to apply to look tanned in winter (and our favorite products)

Does your holiday in St Tropez seem far away? Is your naiad tan giving way to a dull complexion? It’s normal it’s winter, but there are solutions to regain a tanned complexion even in the dead of winter. Our skin changes in winter and needs to be even more cocooned. The colder months drained every drop of heat from our skin and left our bodies a little gray.

A few years ago, tanning beds were the go-to winter tanning method, but research shows they are just as harmful when it comes to skin cancer and aging. The solution ? Self-tanners. At-home serums, lotions and foams are a completely safe way to get a natural and fresh look of the beach at any time of the year, and many of them contain ingredients designed to benefit your skin, not damage it.

Beauty tips: Have a tanned complexion even in the dead of winter

You can always go for a spray tan. There are a ton of safe and potent products on the market that you can use at home to keep skin glowing. And the best? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a perfect tan.

The good news is, the drugstore self-tanner you covet can be just as effective as a more expensive product.

So, staying tanned in winter is not only easy, but also easy on the wallet! However, you have to prepare your skin. Here is what you need to know and our favorite products.

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