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here are the trendy clothes that make great legs

Although fashion is not just about the mannequin size which is close to 1.80m, many fashionistas sometimes give up certain clothes and accessories, for fear of shrinking their silhouette. However, a multitude of trendy clothes have the capacity to create the illusion, by increasing tenfold length of our legs to throw them off. And here are the ones to remember to give the impression of having grabbed a few extra inches.

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Split clothes

Widely endorsed by petite and mid-size fashionistas, slit garments create the illusion by lengthening the figure without the fuss. Their secret? The slit which cuts them partially at the level of the legs, and which makes it possible to enhance the legs. Our recommendation? A dress or a slit skirt.

Bermuda shorts

Ready-made alternatives to skirts that are sometimes uncomfortable to wear, Bermuda shorts are the ultimate good idea for enlarge our silhouette. Their trick? These shorts alter egos deceive the eye (and boredom) by drawing attention not to the thighs and hips, but to the shins and calves. A sleight of hand that the fashionistas of small size appreciate without counting.

High waist pants

Taken from the 1970s fashion wardrobe, high-waisted pants are highly effective when it comes to look taller. Their fashion gimmick? Wrap the waist to give the impression of increasing the leg length.

Long dresses

Contrary to popular belief, long dresses do not compress the silhouette, but lengthen it. The only conditions? Wear them close to the body and prefer models in fine materials, summer and winter. All underlined by a pretty pair of delicate flat shoes or heels.

The pencil skirt

Long associated only with the professional cloakroom, the pencil skirt is however a real good idea when you want to appear more slender. And for good reason, with or without heels, this straight and long skirt gives the impression of having bigger legs, thanks to its high waist cut. A subtle detail, but which nevertheless makes all the difference.

The pose

Whether we like it or not, leggings lengthen the legs is a fact, and even more so when worn with heels. His trick for creating the illusion? Streamline the legs without compressing them.

Platform shoes

Whether they are pumps, sandals or boots, heeled shoes are obviously those that allow our legs to feel like they are growing wings. Yet this season, fashion is almost entirely punctuated by platform sandals, which small and medium-sized fashionistas wear with socks.

Vertical stripes

Proven, and widely approved by the editorial staff, clothes with vertical stripes are one of those fashionable pieces that lengthen the figure. Their strength ? A particular print which, unlike the horizontal stripes, gives the impression of stretching any morphology. The clothes we recommend in this specific case? Pants, coats or skirts, dresses and shorts with horizontal lines.

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