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here is her favorite nail polish for over 30 years, a timeless one for less than 10 euros

In terms of style, Elizabeth II is not afraid of color! Chick yellow, bright orange, apple green, fushia pink, carmine red… She doesn’t hesitate to opt for more colorful outfits, always with taste! If the Queen of England wants to be extravagant in the choice of the color of her clothes, it is clear that she is much less so with regard to the one who dresses her nails for more than 30 years now!

Although she often wears gloves, so as never to risk bad taste – whatever shade of suit she wears – Elizabeth II elegantly bets on a safe bet: nude varnish. And not just any…

The queen’s favorite varnish: the tint ballet slippers Essie #6

No need to prolong the suspense any longer, Elizabeth II’s favorite nail polish is by Essie: it’s the shade ballet slippers #6!

The good news is that the price of this now iconic nail polish is very small, you can find it less than 10 euros on

Timeless, this varnish – which the queen has made her signature – is recognizable by its slightly pink hue. Discreet and classy, ​​it blends with the natural color of the nail and has the art of sublimating all hands…

A shade also appreciated by Kate Middleton

Aside from the queen herself, the other big fan of this nude shade is none other than Kate Middleton! It is even the one she chose to wear on her wedding day with Prince William in 2011.

It must be said that the Duchess of Cambridge is used to bet on beauty in all sobriety, and this, to the tips of the nails (which she leaves most often bare). According to the protocol, the most extravagant colors are prohibited! Forget red and other colored hues considered “vulgar” by the Queen of England. In Buckingham, nude is de rigueur!

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