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here is the cut to adopt after 50 years to rejuvenate your features

It’s official: sunny days are coming and – like every year – they bring with them new beauty inspirations ready to make us crack! What does 2022 have in store for us in terms of hairstyle and haircut trends? This is THE question of the moment!

To answer it, just take a look at the catwalks and in the streets of the Fashion Weekwhich is currently in full swing in Paris…

Fashion Week 2022: the short cut at the forefront of the trend

The good news is that we spotted a perfect haircut to adopt after 50 years to rejuvenate the features of the face… Little hint: don’t be afraid to part with your lengths!

It’s a fact: this season, short hair is popular! They are displayed in a thousand and one ways and always cause a sensation. It’s a no-fault for the court!

It is voluminous and fluid to perfection! Supple, layered and dynamic, it is available according to your desires and can be styled easily. It’s a fact: the short cut gives a real boost to the hair and softens the face by gently sweeping it!

The short after 50 years: ideal to revive the hair

Although opting for the short cut is not the only option after the fifties, it is clear that this length has the art of reviving the volume of the hair and adorning it with movement.

And as after 50 years, the hair tends to be refined, to become drier and more difficult to comb: the short turns out to be a cut of choice!

Whether you fall for an asymmetrical short haircut, a short square, a pixie haircut, a bubble haircut… It doesn’t matter! You can be sure to make a splash and rejuvenate your features by a few years.

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