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Here is the fashion trend 2022 that steals the show from jeans

Usually synonymous with thick joggers, opaque tights and coats by the thousands, winter seems to have changed sides this year. And for good reason, now it is no longer just a question of wearing these covering clothes, but of turning our choice on the cargo pants, which has become a legion again since autumn timidly gives way to winter.

Among the lucky winners? The cargo pants. Because it is an eternal subscriber to the utility cloakroom that this alter ego with traditional slims and baggy, is ready to claim victory by becoming the ultimate fashion trend for winter 2021. And here is what to remember.

Cargo pants: the fashion trend to start off 2022

It is after having seduced the modosphere last year, that the cargo pants hold their revenge by climbing the ranks. What do we like? Its cut army, its ability to be worn with almost anything that our wardrobe can contain, but also and above all its multipocket sides that inject it with a profitable dose of pep.

In Scandinavia, the fashionista Emili sindlev Give the cargo pants a boost by opting for a candy pink version, which she teamed with a purple bomber jacket, a zipped trucker sweater, and ultra-violet accessories, not to mention wearing her Chanel micro-bag over your shoulder. On the fringes and in Paris, Carla Ginola is betting on a monochrome look by praising the merits of her cream cargo pants, which she twists with a pure white crop top, a faux fur coat, and combat boots of the same tone. Bluffing and convincing stylistic combos, which claim the wearing of cargo pants, as expected.

Because if in 2021 the cargo pants forges solid ties with the trendiest girls of our generation, yet it traces its origins to the end of the 19th century. A time during which it served as the uniform of American soldiers during the Spanish-American War. And against all odds, the cargo pants owe their revival to the Levi’s brand, which redesigned its cut in 1909, in order to meet the interest of young people for this bottom of the garment. A first reintegration on the front of the fashion scene for cargo pants, which over time has known how to turn away from its primary function.

But to make the difference in 2021, we dare to combine cargo pants with endless possibilities. A cropped puffer jacket, an immaculate white shirt, a hoodie, a blazer jacket… The point is to place the cargo pants at the center of attention so that our outfit looks good.

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