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here is the fashion trend that is breaking the internet in spring!

As the sun eclipses the rain, temperatures warm up and fashion enters the springall the planets finally line up so that we can draw the cards from the trends which will determine what the fashion of the new season will be made of. Thus, it is after having praised the star colors and patterns of spring, that our Journalist now tackles the clothes predestined to be worn by the majority of trendy fashionistas. And because our fashion instinct is rarely wrong, we can tell you that among all the possible and unimaginable variations of dresses, only one really stands out, and steals the show from the traditional little black dressas well as the floral dress.

White embroidered dress: the model that everyone will snap up before summer

With folk accents, punctuated by a touch of chic, the embroidered white dress everyone will agree in just a few days, we open the bets. And for good reason, one only has to look at the windows of our favorite ready-to-wear brands to see the meteoric rise of immaculate openwork dresses.

Signature of the dressing room Zimmermanthe white embroidered dress has seduced its audience to become the common thread of Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Week. Halter neck dress inspired by Marilyn Monroe and associated with neon green sneakers at Bottega Veneta, long and adorned with openwork ruffles on the side of Erdem , or short and with thin straps according to Michael Kors, the white embroidered dress is the pinnacle of elegance and stylistic versatility. Sometimes worn way casualbohemian or BCBG, this singular cut can only convert the general public.

How to wear a white embroidered dress?

Day or night, in town or in the country, the embroidered dress is the perfect ally. Our user manual? He recommends as a priority to associate this white dress with clothes and accessories with diametrically opposed styles to create a surprise effect. As a reference, our favorite look. Include a short embroidered dress, a pair of cowboy boots for the appearance cowgirl modern times, and a faux leather bucket bag for daytime city outings. Heading out for an evening, we advise you to opt for a long white dress, colorful mules with heels and an irresistibly trendy baguette bag. And voila.

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