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here is the fashion trend that is making wool coats obsolete

Because fashion is only an eternal restart, it is not surprising that new generations of fashionistas fish out, from time to time, a garment from yesteryear to bring it up to date. And this year, it’s none other than the quilted jacketWhere quilted jacketwho signs his admission slip in the book of fashion trends 2022, after slipping away.

An operational return under the impetus of renowned brands that have contributed to redefining the contours of the traditional quilted jacket, in order to modernize it. Celine, Maje, Sandro, Zara… Among the infinity of possibilities, Kate Middleton’s choice nevertheless fell on the Moss Green Teddy Down Jacket signed Frankie’s Shop. An eco-responsible quilted jacket, which the Duchess of Cambridge did not fail to wear during the opening of COP26 last November. And it was enough to revive the trend outerwearsince this model scratched by the brand – adored by Kendall Jenner and piloted by the French Gaëlle Drevet- has become the object of desire of the moment.

And for good reason, the khaki quilted jacket from the New York label stands out like the 3and most popular female item of the fourth quarter of 2021, according to the fashion shopping platform Desire. A legendary feat for this utilitarian hunter-fisherman’s jacket, which first appeared across the Channel nearly 4 centuries ago, and which owes its familiar shape to a certain Steve Guylas, who reissued it in 1965 .

How to wear a quilted jacket in 2022?

Worn next to the skin like a dress, and with tights and boots, or in a jacket as its primary function indicates, the quilted jacket is the centerpiece of a perfect winter outfit.

To succeed in their style move, our Fashion Journalist recommends seasoned fashionistas to twist their khaki quilted jacket with characterful clothes. Moccasins, pleated trousers, a sophisticated bag, a scarf wrapped like a balaclava will do more than the trick.

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