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here is the incredible fashion trend that will make you the most chic of 2022

You probably haven’t noticed it, but under the impetus of well-inspired fashion designers, the adaptation blooms in a new light. This style whose very essence of the wardrobe is partly summed up in coordinated suits, pantsuitsmen’s vests, or even to smoke now opens the voice to the field of possibilities.

Now, it is no longer just a question of appropriating these elegant clothes and timeless in the most formal way possible, but to associate them with clothes picked from the wardrobe street clothing. Neither one nor one, this is how nylon, denim and other stretch materials magically coordinate with velvet ribbed, flannel, cold wool and undisputed tweedto claim the adaptation 2022 edition.

Fashion trend 2022: tailoring meets streetwear style

More daring, the neo-couture allows the great classics of the special wardrobe Business, to gradually shed the political connotation to which they were linked. An operational change that we owe in priority to the fairer sex who knew how to appropriate a handful of male clothes over the years, to emancipate themselves in the modosphere and within society. Valuable help was notably provided by Gabrielle Chanel, known as “Coco” in the 1920s, who freed women by mixing feminine and masculine codes. Subsequently in the 1960s, it was none other than the late Mr. Yves Saint Laurent who contributed to the revival by presenting a tuxedo for women on the occasion of his fall-winter 1966 show, and then upset the fashion codes. by establishing the pantsuit feminine.

In 2022, the charm still operates. All in all, luxury houses are now uninhibiting the attitude of style adaptation by re-editing the look of its great classics, but also by combining them with off-road clothing. So for the Saint-Laurent spring-summer 2022 show, Anthony Vaccarello did not hesitate to shorten a Prince of Wales blazer jacket into a down jacket for his audacity. On the sidelines, AMI injects a dose of green neon sound skirt suit paired with python-style boots and a BCBG peacoat. On his side, Alaia brilliantly masters the art and manner of relaxing the look adaptation by confronting it with an ostentatious ruffled skirt, then slumped evening-style leather boots. As for Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri injects a touch the sixties her orange skirt suit, which she associates with retro ballet flats, but also and above all, a micro-bag that uninhibits her attitude. In real life ? the neo-couture plays one of the easiest mode acts to learn. And here’s how to pull off this style exercise brilliantly.

How to adopt the neo-tailoring trend?

Above all, realize that it is not the quantity that counts, but the quality. So review the fashion pieces that embody the style adaptationto divert them from their primary function using clothing street clothing. In your line of sight? The undisputed blazer, the trench coat, the sleeveless vest, the shirt, the pleated trousers, the moccasins, or even the pumps not to list them all. Now take note, taking inspiration from the most successful looks, spotted on Pinterest.

green mania

It’s a fact, in 2022 fashion is going green for the best and for style. For now, let’s take inspiration from the look constructed by Spanish fashionista María Bernad, who twists a suit jacket with a crop top, as well as matching faux leather pants.

Well in his sneakers

The duo pantsuit and sneakers is without a doubt the simplest to make, but so much one of the most stylish. The extra touch of style? Finish the look with a statement handbag.

The split pant

Because they sit supreme in the 2022 fashion trend book, pants with a split hem go perfectly with any outfit adaptation.


Because it has been shining brightly since last New Year’s Eve, the bling bling trend is the perfect ally to modernize the look of style. Business.

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