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Here is the incredible trick to have a star brushing WITHOUT heat

If you haven’t found your footing on TikTok yet, you might not have seen the latest trend taking over HairTok: hot rollers or curlers. Everyone on the app has brought this old-school method of hairstyle up to date, resulting in dreamy, ’90s-style waves that I thought only existed in photos I occasionally saw on Pinterest.

Unlike traditional Velcro rollers that require a hair dryer and both hands, hot rollers can be placed in dry or damp hair to essentially style while your hands are free. If the idea of ​​’90s hair didn’t win me over, having my hands free did, so I knew I had to try this trend.

Tiktok trend: The big comeback of curlers

But beware ! Hair curlers are not a trend, they are a classic. But not as classic as your grandma’s tight curls and her baby blue nightgown (although that’s possible), classic like the big bouncy curls of 90s It girls. And if you want that look, you’ll get need one (or more!) of the 13 best curlers on the market.

The 90s and early 80s were known for their bouncy curls that were bigger than the rest and gave the impression of being polished but not too polished. And I think it’s safe to say that the end of 2020 and all of 2021 has revived the look with several methods: If not a round brush and a hair dryer , it’s a hair dryer brush — yes, we’ve gotten inventive in these modern times — but I’m telling you, don’t fall asleep on the OG. If done correctly, the curls in hair curlers stay strong, last long and look fabulous, and I have a star cast of top celebrity hairstylists to back me up.

According to celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins (the mastermind behind some of the biggest stars’ most iconic looks), the rule with rollers will be: bigger is better. ” Giant ’90s rollers will be everywhere in early 2022” , did he declare. »

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