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here is the INFAILLIBLE trick to draw the perfect line on droopy eyelids

The line of eyeliner is a great classic of make-up, which does not prevent its layout from being a real puzzle! It is clear that mastery of the gesture is not the most obvious…

All this, not to mention that the task is all the more complicated on certain eye shapes. Fortunately, various targeted tips deserve to be known as they facilitate the success of the makeup.

Eyeliner: the ideal technique for droopy eyelids!

In this article, we tell you about makeup for droopy eyelids! If the mobile part of your eyelid is not very visible – because the latter tends to sag on itself (especially in the outer corner of the eye) – it is because your eyelids are “drooping”.

The good news is that – even with droopy eyelids – it’s totally possible to line your eyeliner in a way that highlights your eyes. Here’s how to do it, according to the TikTokeur @Thefrenchbeautyboywhich reveals its infallible secret!

The steps not to be missed

  • Start by drawing a very fine line as close as possible to the lash line. The objective: to save as much space as possible on the mobile eyelid.
  • Now is the time to draw the comma of the liner. For this, the TikTokeur advises to look at yourself straight in a mirror and to help you with a brush.
  • Place the latter in the continuity of your lower lashline by pointing the tail of your eyebrow.
  • Then make two points using the eyeliner: the first, where you want your line to end; the second over the eyelid crease falling at the level of the outer corner of the eye.
  • All that remains is to join the dots together and you’re done!

To achieve his line, the TikTokeur uses a fine-tipped felt eyeliner, such as the KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner.

Thanks to this technique, forget the comma hidden by the sagging of the eyelid or the line that does not sufficiently highlight the shape of the eye! The least we can say is that Tik Tok users seem conquered. Published a few months ago, the video in question has already been viewed more than 4.7 million times and displays nearly 465,000 likes ! A real card.

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