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Here is the JEAN trend that lengthens the legs and that everyone will want in 2022!

After having scoured the clothing essentials to get to complete our fashion wardrobe in this new year, the Marie France editorial team is now tackling an object of all covetousness: the Jeans. Because if it counts in its ranks of followers as well the women as the men and the children, this high denim pants does not know defeat. Conversely, this stainless steel basic fashion locker room evolves with the seasons and reconciles style enthusiasts faithful to dresses, who no longer give in to temptation.

From now on, it will now be necessary to rely on straight jeans, as evidenced by the most influential stylists and fashionistas on Instagram. Among them ? Jeanne Damascus, Parisian and founder of her ready-to-wear brand Rouje who is a fervent admirer of straight jeans. On the sidelines, content creator Anne-Laure Mais who claims to wear straight jeans from Paris to Bordeaux, or even the Scandinavian Jeanette Madsen who never misses an opportunity to surf – and launch – denim trends.

Straight jeans: the denim trend we’ll see everywhere in 2022

Picked from the fashion wardrobe of the 1990s, the straight jeans Where right, thus initiates a more than operational comeback. But unlike some cuts of pants that are sometimes not very rewarding like the mom jeans, the Jeans straight flatters the legs, in lengthening the silhouette who wears it. A legendary feat, which it owes in part to its straight cut on the leg, which is more fitted than regular jeans, and wider than skinny jeans. But what really confirms her fashion DNA is her tapered waist and tighter lower leg.

How to wear a straight jeans in style in 2022? The right answer is above all to dare. Thus, whether one is 20 years old, 30 years old, or more or less 50 years, the magic formula is unchanged. But for the charm to operate, the fashion editorial team advises you to opt for clothes that shine. In other words, vintage-sounding cowboy boots, an aviator or quilted jacket, a baguette bag or even a belt bag. Regarding clothing tops, our recommendations are formal. Better to stash a sweater, a sweatshirt or a shirt in the size of the straight jeans, to add that extra touch of style that was missing.

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