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here is the particularity of the cargo pants worn by the coolest fashionistas

It will have visited many eras since its appearance at the end of the 19th century, when it was an integral part of the military dress of American soldiers, of the Spanish-American war, but the cargo pants owes its evolution to the early 1900s, and more precisely 1909. From then on, this workwear appreciated for its robustness, shed its utilitarian functions to join the dressing room of the youth of the time. A turnaround that we owe in part to Levi Strauss & Co, which is reissuing the cargo in a less conventional way and marketed it the same year. A first step into the modosphere, which allowed him to walk towards new fashion designers who have monopolized it in their own way.

Leather cargo pants: the most promising fashion trend of 2022

Recently, and on the occasion of the Fashion Weekthe cargo pants was available in all its guises. In stripes according to Balmain spring-summer 2022, in denim from Isabel Marant and Ganni fall-winter 2022, or in neon green or pop pink nylon according to Rains fall-winter 2022, as proudly adopted by the Scandinavian Pernille Teisbaek… With all due respect to some, the cargo is victorious and is already beginning to be worn by the most prominent fashionistas. The only difference ? At the start of the year, this trendy pants adorns himself with leather to rise in rank on the fashion sphere. A feedback that we owe in part to the brand Bazilikawhich now has an armada of trendy girls in its ranks.

For her part, the sublime fifty-something Grece Ghanem, does not hesitate to mix her black leather multi-pocket cargo with a purple turtleneck sweater, rubber boots and blue gloves, just to energize her look.

On the sidelines, Valentina Marzullo, the content creator with 395k followers on Instagram, claims to wear leather cargo with immaculate platform sneakers, and a sweater oversizedas well as a Chanel Timeless bag and a scarf for a complementary touch of style.

But if there is a combination that we love above all, it is none other than the stylistic combo operated by Josefine HJ who chooses a gray turtleneck sweater, a long black wool coat, mules and glasses butterfly sunglasses to accentuate the contrasts with his leather cargo pants. Proof that fashion is only an eternal renewal, which nevertheless never ceases to renew itself.

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