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here is the right pattern to be trendy in spring 2022

There are facts that cannot be denied. This is particularly the case with the dazzling return of theleopard printcompeting to claim his title as pretender to the throne of trends from the moment. A fashion effect noted by our style expert during recent trips, and who affirms that abroad, the leopard pattern is unanimous. What premeditate him the same success in France, and all the more at a time when social networks are accelerating the arrival of new fashion trends thanks to fashionistas who promote their new clothing acquisitions.

Leopard print: how to wear the fashion trend of the moment?

And it’s none other thanAdele who strongly contributed to the rehabilitation of this print by wearing a full leopard look on February 20, during an NBA game where the British singer appeared alongside her boyfriend Rich Paul. Reason enough to break Google search records with a 1438% increase for the term “leopard print dress”, according to a study by CouponNinja. Neither one nor two, the trend is spreading again and is about to invade the streets of fashion capitals, but not only.

The good news ? The fashion brands we are used to shopping at are also promoting this animal print. On our list? Flowing Nasty Gal pants, a Noo cardigan with a buttoned neckline, Golden Goose socks, an Alaïa half-moon bag, a long Ganni dress, Zara platform sandals, New Balance 327 sneakers… The leopard is on all fronts and will make the seasoned fashionistas who will tame it roar with pleasure.

To wear it? Nothing’s easier. Option 1 is to consider the leopard print from head to toe, betting on a coordinated set, paying attention to the quality of the patterns as well as the material. Above all, we avoid the total leopard look in satin, which would turn into bad taste with a pajama effect. Option 2 aims to bet on one or two leopard pieces like an accessory or a star garment. Our favorite outfit? A leopard satin skirt paired with black heeled mules, a faux leather baguette bag, a headband-tied scarf and a lightweight cardigan.

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