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here is the trend that all the fashionistas are snapping up on the Internet (and soon you!)

Faithful to the position of prescribers of trendsstyle experts who combine fashion journalists, stylists, celebrities and social media pros join together to point the finger at the opera gloves, which orchestrate a one thousand power comeback. Anyway, that’s what’s going on. googleas we report the platform Stylight which highlights an increase in +153% clicks for opera gloves over the past two months, accompanied by an increase of +90% for long leather gloves. Enough to attest that it is indeed a rising trend, about to invade the modosphere shortly.

Opera gloves: the winter 2022 fashion trend that is a hit on Google

A revival which is however not insignificant since on the occasion of the Fashion Week fall-winter 2022Alaïa, Christian Siriano and Marc Jacobs sang together the merits of long gloves by parading them on their catwalks. In leather, vinyl, nylon or cotton, it doesn’t matter as long as they are excessively long. An accessory of yesteryear advocated by Chanel Métiers d’Art and Moschino Pre-fall 2022, and whose comeback definitely owes nothing to chance.

Lately, it’s the long-awaited series Inventing Anna produced by Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy) and released on February 11 on netflixthat the fashion trend revives. And for good reason, the series sets the scene in the world of the young Anna Sorokinwho managed to trick and scam the jet set New Yorker from 2013 to 2017 pretending to be something she was not. Camped by Julia Garner, the character proudly wears surgical glovesa in black leather, which the actress dons simultaneously under a Dries Van Noten coat, as well as under an immaculate cape.

In real life ? We can count on the German content creator caroline daur, who stands out as the muse even in long glovess. At each social event, the fashionista rarely misses an opportunity to pull out her pair of opera gloves that she generally prefers all dressed in leather. All in all, @carodaur is not the only one to participate in the reinsertion of these star gloves. Dua Lipa, Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria, Elsa Hosk, the sublime fifty-year-old Grece Ghanem… The most influential celebrities of our generation are reinventing this accessory that has long remained in the closet. Because if the etymology of the term “opera glove” remains unknown to the battalion, it is not the same for the gloves of length above the elbow. Indeed, the first notable appearance of the latter dates from at least the end of the 18th century, when they were the prerogative of women representing high society in Western countries. In 2022, you don’t need to have a specific name to make them your own, since opera gloves play an important role in every fashion score.

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