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here is the ultimate detail to be trendy in 2022

Because winter and the end-of-year celebrations wouldn’t be what they are without their share of novelties, it seems that one of them is doing well: the coat sheep’s skin. An influential piece that largely inspires the most trendy girls of our generation, seduced by the fashion wardrobe of the 1970s in which they have drawn their acquisition.

Coat trend 2021-2022: the faux fur sleeves are the last detail that makes the difference when it comes to style

This winter, the adopted Londoner Camille Charriere takes the party to warm up her figure with a long faux leather coat. His particuliarity ? In addition to being equipped with a covering collar, the latter is adorned with faux fur sleeves that become its real signature.

A trend confirmed by our fashion radar which flashes the young designer and model Laura Bensadoun, who in turn succumbs to the trend fake fur by grabbing a coat signed Charlotte Simone. An English brand under the sign of daring, which is an integral part of Kendall Jenner’s fashion address book. Enough to enhance the cut of this singular coat, the design of which is reminiscent of that of Russian clothes that provide full coverage, which are ideal for dealing with massive cold.

Spearheading this trend outerwear, many ready-to-wear labels have spread the word to reissue this unique coat. In our sights? Maje obviously who hypnotizes the editorial staff with a coat sheep’s skin beige, which is based on the flagship color of this end of the year. We also like the new Zara branded version, which injects a dose of style into a long, military-cut wool coat, by adorning it with sleeves in fake fur. One thing striking fashion, ready to make a barrier to the cold, without ever demarcating boundaries to our style.

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