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Here is the Zara long dress in which trendy women will spend their summer

Light or dark skin, blonde, redhead or brunette, brown, green or blue eyes… This Zara dress does not make anyone jealous and is aimed at absolutely all women. And for good reason, its royal blue awakens all skin tones, enhances any hair color, and illuminates all eyes. Far from stopping at that, this real nugget displayed at the affordable price of 39.95 euros, allows anyone who wants to get it toslender silhouette without any hassle.

The reason ? Her empire cut, which flares out from below the breasts, and whose bustier enhances the chest to enhance it. A boon in particular, for fashionistas who would like to carve a slender look while camouflaging their round belly, and all other superfluous curves. A sleight of hand that we owe in part to the fluidity of this long dress Zara. All in all, if there is one criterion of choice that tipped the scales according to our Fashion Journalist, it is none other than its crochet aspect which signs all its singularity. Proof that the trend is making a strong comeback before the summer? His presence in the report Vintedwhich lists the most sought-after fashion pieces for spring-summer 2022.

Summer dress 2022: how to wear a long dress?

The good news ? The long dress is aimed at all women, but also and above all at all stylistic desires. Those who wish to stay flat to walk on the macadam without risking tripping, can put up with a pair of flat flip flops in imitation leather, sneakers, or sandals without heels but which have this little touch of style that the others models do not have.

Lovers of high-heeled shoes can wear this long dress in crochet with Slingbacks recognizable by their minimalist heel, Nodaleto type babies, strappy sandals, or even platform shoes, as we are also talking about this year. All without forgetting to accessorize this summer dress with a handbag. A basket, please, towards the beach, a baguette bag for a city night out, or a bucket bag for strolling around town, and you’re done.

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