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here is what the fashion trend that will dress all silhouettes in 2022 consists of

It is as an eternal subscriber to success that the jeans invites itself into our winter fashion wardrobe. But this time, the situation has changed somewhat, since the high denim pants no longer goes solo, but walks towards the register of trends alongside several denim pieces with which he is now associated. Its major asset? Whether you are 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years and more, the charm operates, since the double denim is aimed at all generations of fashionistas who respond to the call of trends.

Fashion trend 2022: how to adopt “double denim”?

It is under the impetus of the artistic directors of luxury houses that the trend double denim is making a strong comeback to the forefront of the fashion scene in 2022. Bucolic according to Kenzo, unstructured for Y/Project and according to the collaboration between Glenn Martens and Jean Paul Gautier, sportswear for Dior, or even faux fur inspiration according to AMI… The double denim is available according to all desires. And it was enough to restore the image of this freshly fished out trend. Here is the perfect opportunity to review the most beautiful inspirations spotted on Pinterest to make them your own.

With a denim shirt

What could be simpler than combining a simple jeans with a denim shirt to follow the trend double denim ? The trick to making an impression? Hide the bottom of the semi-unbuttoned shirt in the waist of the pants.

With a denim jacket

Because we all have a denim jacket in our closet, why not pair it with our favorite jeans to boost its fashion quotient. Most ? Extend our turtleneck by unbuttoning the top of the jacket.

Spirit Overlay

No doubt the thing most appropriate fashion to successfully adopt the trend double denim, layering clothes is easier to achieve. The idea? Pair high waisted jeans with a partially open corded shirt, and warm up the ensemble with a blazer for an extra style effect.

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