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here is why lilac is the star color of spring-summer 2022

It was a colorway that fashion might not have expected. However, here is the purple in all its tones, invites itself into the spring wardrobe of fashionistas who have known how to exploit its fashion potential. Recently, it is none other than the duo composed by Kendall and Kylie Jenner which has turned into two mauve dresses in deconstructed lace fabric. Mesmerizing creations, which we owe to the REN brand, the very essence of the creative genius of its eponymous founder Haixi Ren. On the sidelines, on the red carpet of the 64and ceremony of the Grammy Awards 2022 and on that of the iheartradio, the singer Olivia Rodrigo left triumphant, molded in dresses purple pop. A considerable spotlight for the purple maniabecause this color for a long time ranked in the category of colors to favor in times of mourning, finally turns out to be the most popular of the moment.

Purple, the star color of summer thanks to The Bridgerton Chronicle

From a simple evening, to a wedding, or even a city break, journalists, stylists and the most bankable celebrities no longer miss any opportunity to draw their most beautiful clothes purple. A reversal of the situation that can be explained in particular by the influence that series have on the collective unconscious, and in particular their ability to formulate fashion trends of tomorrow. And for good reason, only 24 hours after the first broadcast of season 2 of The Bridgerton Chronicle already inspired style enthusiasts to rethink their wardrobe at the Régence. Among all the clothes and accessories, these are none other than the purple evening dresses that caught the attention of the general public. At stake ? A significant increase in clicks of 34% according to Stylight for these new desire objects, associated in the Anglo-Saxon series with the fashion wardrobe of Kate Sharmacourted in the shadows by Viscount Anthony Bridgerton.

And after various stylistic analyses, we can only attest that the purple is a color far from having been chosen at random, quite the contrary. And for good reason, in Hinduism, purple represents the chakra, the energy center, which symbolizes purity and consciousness. From there, it is therefore hardly surprising that mauve was preferred to other colors to tint the empire dresses of actress Simone Ashley, who in fiction as in real life is of Indian origin. Another synergy point? Facing the camera, Miss Sharma lives in the splendor of luxury, the very legacy of her family’s dynasty. Once again, it is hardly surprising that its flagship color is purple, because in addition to symbolizing royalty, this dye was at the time as rare as it was expensive, and certified the place we occupied in high society. .

Violet, a disparaged color with an unrivaled fashion trend

Because the series considerably influence the way we dress and participate in the launch of future trends, this is how purple embodies the new chic. Yet long remained associated with evil characters disney, purple no longer struggles to detach itself from the melancholy and unsympathetic image that we could attribute to it. From now on, this chromatic palette returns to its fundamentals and inspires reverie, femininity and lightness while being reassuring. This perfect fusion between blue and red brings together its two colors highly complementary primaries to become one. And it is on this theme that we intend to bet for spring-summer 2022. If the purple evening dress is not always appropriate, other purple clothes and accessories are in turn pretexts for Party.

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