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here is why the ruffled dress is the fashion trend to acquire for spring 2022

It is these clothes that impose a return to stylistic fundamentals. From corsets to cargo pants and blazer jackets, many sartorial revivals are finding new life in today’s wardrobes. All in all, few of these vintage fashion pieces have the added bonus of being able to highlight the silhouette style enthusiasts who wear them. Too short or too long, too tight or too loose, these clothes do not always satisfy our seasoned fashionista souls, except for one of them: the ruffled dress like straight out of a movie of yesteryear. And here is how and why, it will be unanimous at spring 2022.

Spring 2022 dress: the ruffled dress, the ally to enhance all body types

Contrary to popular belief, the ruffles are stylistic details beneficial to anyone wishing flatter your figure. And for good reason, they allow you to choose to add or remove volume on well-targeted areas of the body. As proof, women who want to give the impression of having more breasts by going from an A cup to a C cup, will find the solution in one ruffled dress, placed at the neckline. A trompe-l’oeil effect which therefore makes it possible to obtain an even flatter stomach by creating a striking balance.

In the same vein, fashionistas who might have a complex with a flat buttocks, have the opportunity to compensate with a ruffled dress, located at the level of their charm asset. When it comes to women hoping to restructure their underdeveloped shoulders, ruffled dresses are there too plus size clothing to meet the demand. The trick is to find the perfect model, whose ruffles are positioned on the body parts that you want to enhance.

Spring 2022 dress: which trendy patterns and colors to favor?

To ensure a place in the notebook of spring 2022 fashion trends, wearing a ruffled dress is now essential. A reversal of the situation operated thanks to Kate Middleton, and in particular thanks to the brand’s dress The Vampire’s Wife worn by the Duchess of Cambridge during her Caribbean tour in March 2022. Result? A 288% jump in Google searches related to the keyword “ruffled dress”, according to the platform LovetheSales.

So, to get it right, the question now is to focus on which colors and prints to choose to make the trend work. Of all the existing chromatic palettes, we therefore favor the most vitaminized of them, those that call for escape and spring. Pastel or bright shades, we therefore retain pink in all its tones, neon or translucent green, blue or even orange shades.

As for the patterns, let’s say that floral prints are the most conducive to cheering the arrival of sunny days as it should. In writing, we also approve of polka dots, and tie and dye and psychedelic, highly hypnotizing.

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