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here’s how the balaclava is winning over the crowd in 2022

never one accessory won’t have been talked about as much as the hood. This headgear that Fatal Bazooka sang about in the early 2000s, and which still resonates in everyone’s head today. The reason ? The crowd of fashion journalists, stylists and other style experts who now swear by hood crocheted, preferably colored.

We remember the Danish brand Deima Knitwear, the merits of which we praised just a year ago, and which had therefore helped to relaunch the trend. Now screwed onto most headliners in the modosphere, the hood seduced the crowd once again and established itself as an indispensable women’s locker room in 2022. And according to the report The Lyst Index, the success is there for this accessory that few of us will dare to wear despite everything, and which will nevertheless warm their ears, as much as it will boost their style. And we had to rely on Leandra Medinathe blogger at the initiative of Repellent Man who is faithful to the appointment fashion for the second consecutive year, but also on Blanca Miro and Emily Sindlevwhich are also inseparable from their hood knitted.

Balaclava: how to wear the balaclava to have style?

Far from being incompatible, having style and wearing a hood is on the contrary the assurance of a successful winter look, provided you assume this unique headgear, and know how to wear it. Thus, we advise you to take inspiration from the outfits of fashionable fashionistas to handle the hood like a pro. In other words, to associate your hood to ultra-trendy clothes, to uninhibit the memorizing look of this new object of desire.

On our list? A quilted down jacket with the allure sportswearblack sunglasses to inject an extra ounce of style, high waisted jeans for a walk old school, but also immaculate sneakers to modernize the balaclava with a simple kick. And voila !

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